in this valley of dying stars

are such deliberate disguises

Dear god, it is years since I've prayed.
I understand the birds are holy.
I understand the body leads us to love, or

this is one way of knowing the world.
- Stacie Cassarino, "Northwest"

I'm Katakokk, also known as Katako, Kat, Tako, or Kathy. Also sometimes ZuZu. Just your average crazy girl with absolutely no life. I'm a writer, and nothing more. I'm not a visual artist. Those black squiggly shapes you see upon the screen? Yes, those are my accomplices. All of my fanfiction is located at my writing journal, Suridasu.

This journal is LOCKED (and the title&subtitle are from T.S. Eliot's "The Hollow Men"), mainly because I flock everything in the first place (feel free to friend me, but do check out the Friends Only first). I warn you, though, my posts are largely real life rants/vents for all my frustration and anger at the various unsatisfactory portions of my life. Other than that, I'm a rather obsessive fangirl freak and a meme addict.

Short, loud (to the point of slight obnoxiousness, so beware), and more than a little crazy. I'm Chinese, Christian, and proud of it. I like food, sleeping, shopping, fanfiction, books, art, shipping, all things japanese (though I'm a little wary of some j-rock), and many others. I'm not fond of hypocrites (though I am one :D).

I'm into the kind of shows/manga/anime/movies that are EPICS. Not only are the EPIC the adjetive, but EPIC the noun. The kind of fandoms that blend the action, adventure, suspense, tragedy, and romance all together into a great storyline with fantastic characters.

movies. Chronicles of Narnia, Star Trek XI, Inception, Harry Potter, X-Men, The Social Network, Tangled, (500) Days of Summer, Pride & Prejudice (2005), Spirited Away, Life is Beautiful, The Joy Luck Club, Never Let Me Go
tv. Young Justice, Downton Abbey, Merlin (BBC), Sherlock (BBC), Doctor Who, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Glee, Legend of the Seeker, House
books. The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Leviathan

Ty Lee

katakokk is super duper amazing! She's nice, supportive & very caring. Although I added her a few months ago, I feel like I've known her since forever. We share many interests, which makes it better! :) She's totally amazing & cheerful & she loves NARNIA ♥ ~tainee
katakokk is a wonderful person to know through LJ. She's always cheerful and supportive of those around her, and it's been great getting to know her. We wish her all the best! ♥ ~breyzyyin
katakokk is one of the most nicest, maturest, and intelligent people I've met. FOR SURE, MAN. xD She's knowledgeable in Naruto, BLEACH, and many other fandoms we share in common plus more!! ;D Her fanfiction is just lovely. I never met a lady who could write as well as her. :) I'd glad to have met her! ~rangan_ryu
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